Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Stepping Up

For the last couple of months I have been doing this bible study, Stepping Up by Beth Moore with a couple of my friends. I have had this done for a while and I thought that it would be time to share each of my steps with you all. See, we read the Psalms of Ascent from 120 to 134. After we do the study we then chart what we feel God has shown us through that Psalm. So, I am going to start with Psalm 120 and work my way down.

Psalm 120- Contentment comes from the Lord.

Psalm 121- The Lord is my shelter and He will be with me Forever.

Psalm 122- Find contentment in the place I live and worship.

Psalm 123- Set my mind on the Kingdom and pursue it.

Psalm 124- Christ is on my side and He loves me.

Psalm 125- He surrounds His people and fills us with praise.

Psalm 126- God's word always brings hope and growth.

Psalm 127- Let the Lord build up my family.

Psalm 128- Blessings come from obedience and pruning of my vines through obedience.

Psalm 129- I am not a victim or an oppressor, I am a true child of God.

Psalm 130- I will not isolate myself from God's people and God. And believe God has forgiven me.

Psalm 131- Let my words be few and I will rest in God.

Psalm 132- Petition the Lord and He will grant me my answer, weather it is yes or no or no answer at all.

Psalm 133- We must unite as a family and a church.

Psalm 134- I must praise God now and set my heart on pilgrimage.

I really learned so much about the Psalms of Ascent. That is what these psalms were about. The feast and pilgrimage of the Israelites. I really enjoyed it and I learned so much. I hope that these psalms touched you as much as they touched me. God bless all of you and have a great day. Love Tanya

Friday, April 24, 2009

One Blessed Week

This has been one awesome week. I was able to witness one of my neices, Jasmine make a commitment to Christ through Baptism. It was such an awesome experience to be able to be a part of that. She is growing up to really love the Lord and I am so proud of her. Then I was honored to be able to take pictures of my other neice Brooke. She went to her prom. Does she not look so beautiful

She chose to go to the Prom even though she did not have a date. Then in the last minute she found a date, but they went as friends. And she also went with her other girl friends. She looks so beautiful to night and I started thinking about how little she used to be. Time flies. I am so blessed to sit back and watch the two of these girls grow up. WOW, family is so important. And their lives will be so filled with this and that, but one constant is the love of family. God bless all of you and I hope you all have an awesome weekend. Love Tanya

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


If you are still interested in seeing the Omaha Seminar of Bright Lights. The pictures are now down loaded. You can go here.
Talk to you all later, Love Tanya

An Awesome Birthday Surprise

Yesterday was my birthday. And I had known that my sister was coming by, on her way to Georgia. Well, she stopped in yesterday. Now I have to tell you without going through a lot of details, that my sister and I have not always been close. In fact we kind of grew up in two different households. And it always seems like when we get together the past has a way of showing it's ugly head and then we do nothing but fight. So a couple of weeks ago, when she called me, I started to pray about how I could be a better hostest and sister to my sister. I realized that in all the years that I have been walking this earth, I have not reached out to my sister and little brother. I really believe that if someone came into my house and asked some hard questions pertaining to my sister and brother, I would not be able to answer them. I know nothing about them. So, when my sister came yesterday, we sat down and had an in depth conversation and we actually did not fight once. I realized why God loves her so much, it is not that she is stubborn or bull headed. It is because she has passion and compassion. She fights for everything that has been handed her way and she stand strong. It made me so proud of her and even wanted to be like her. But, her strength is my weakness and my strength is her weakness and if we are really serious about changing, we will in the end help one another.

I have also realized that I am one year shy of forty and I have grown more in the last six months of my life than I ever have the last thirty nine of them. I am so looking forward to the present and my future. I am excited and what ever is thrown my way, God is in control and He is going to get me through this. God bless all of you and I love you all, love Tanya

Friday, April 17, 2009

Tearful Reminders

When Melanie and I were at the Bright Lights, Jeff and Luke were shopping. They went to game stores, thrift stores and pawn shops. This is something they really like to do together. When we got home, Jeff showed me all the goodies that he had purchased, one of them was a Cd by Russ Taff. I was introduced to Russ Taff by my cousin Gena. I was a sophomore in High School and Gena and I would get together for a whole weekend and read Anne of Green Gable books and listen to Russ Taff. We would have a blast and I had such an awesome and safe time with my cousin Gena.

So, This Russ Taff Cd was like a greatest hits. I put it on my Zune software yesterday and was able to listen to it this morning as I went to pick Jeff up from work. The first song came on, and I started to cry. Oh it was not a cry of sadness, but of joy. All of these awesome memories of Gena and I laying across her bed, both of us with a book and the music flowing through the room came to mind and my heart just leaped. The next song came on and I cried a little harder and then the next, a little harder. I was crying so hard, I couldn't even sing the songs. It was so awesome and I felt so blessed.

It amazes me, a song brought such memories to me. Sometimes it is a scent, or seeing something that is familiar. I feel so blessed, even if that memory is not a good one. I love that God gave me this. This morning it showed me that He is so grand and He cares about my heart. I have to tell you something, A couple of years ago, my cousin Gena got married. And you know how some people use the traditional wedding march at their weddings? Well, Gena used the main theme to the movie of Anne of Green gables for her wedding march. Again, I was so blessed to be able to be a part of that with her.

What gave you memories today? I hope something that made you look at your Father with love and thankfulness. God bless all of you and have an awesome weekend, love Tanya

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Bright Lights

B eing
R adiant
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G odliness
H oliness &
T estimony


A couple of friends had mentioned that they were reading this book "Before Prince Charming" by Sarah Mally to their daughters. I enquired about the book and they told me the website to look at. I went to the site and found many books and bible studies that my daughter and I could do together. Then my friend Susan told me that the Mally Family was going to be in Omaha, I really wanted to go.

Susan and I decieded to go together on Tuesday night. We get to the church and their were many people, more than I figured on a week night, we walked into the church and Melanie went to her group the Lanturns and I stayed back. I really felt the Lord telling me that I needed to let this time be for Melanie and Him. See, since she has become a young lady, she has not been the same. I have really felt distant from her, but the worst thing I would want to do, is push myself on her.

So Tuesday after the event, Melanie and I went to the hotel to wait for Jeff and Luke. We talked, and she did not understand why we were going to this. I explained it to her and she understood it alittle more. On Wednesday, I stood back from her again and let her be with her small group and new friends. While they were in their small group, the mothers socialized and they did some teachings with us. There was this one session with a video, and the lady in the video talked about her relationship with her daughters. She talked about a list of certain no no's a mother should not do. I pretty much did all of them and I felt awful. I did go buy the Cd. I am also praying for a new relationship with Melanie.

At the end of the day, Melanie came running up to me and yelled, "I had an awesome time mom, thank you for bringing me." She could not stop talking about it. See, the goal of the Mally family is for the daughter to have a strong relationship with Jesus. This way she is not looking for prince charming and she is looking for a deep relationship with her heavenly Father. They also equip Dad's and Mom's for their roles to help them acheive this goal. I am so glad that I did this. I feel like God is going to change Melanie and I and we are going to have a great relationship. Most of all, Melanie is going to have a strong relationship with God.

In a couple of day, they said they were going to post all the pictures of the seminar. If you would like to see them go here. God bless all of you with deep love from me, love Tanya

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

quick post

Happy Belated Easter to you all. I am so sorry, in the last days we have been so busy. We have been to the nursing home to color Easter eggs with the residents. Then we had to do some shopping for Easter and my sister in laws birthday. We went to early breakfeast and church at Hillside church in Clarinda. It was amazing, and I hope to post on it more on Thursday or Friday. Then on Easter afternoon, Our family celebrated Easter and threw a birthday party for my sister in law and I. It was so awesome. We have had an awesome time.

Today however, Jeff, Luke, Melanie and I are going to Omaha. Melanie and I are going to a little conference call Bright Lights. I will inform you more on this. It is tonight for three hours and then all day tomorrow. So, Jeff and I thought that it would be really good to spend the time with the kids. Jeff is going to do somethings with Luke tomorrow while we are at the conference. So, we are getting ready for the day. I got sick yesterday and threw up a couple of times. I prayed so hard for healing and today I feel great. So we are going. I hope to sit down and write some more and visit all of your blogs when I get back. I love all of you and you have a great couple of days. Love Tanya

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


I am not sure when Ragbrai comes into town the last time. I think the last one we had was twelve years ago. I remember the last one, I worked at Mcdonald's at the time and we got hit really hard. Ragbrai is several people who ride their bikes across Iowa and I think other states, and Red Oak is one of the towns who will host them. It really is fun to have all the people come to our town and we have a chance to get to know them. If you would like more information about Ragbrai, go here. I hope to get some pictures of all the bikers that will visit here. It looks like we are going to have quite a few people.

To all who commented on the last post about the book Shack. I would really like to say something about the book. I really believe that you need to know your bible really well before you read this book. If you do read the book and you are confused about some things that are mentioned, please e-mail me or ask your minister about it. I believe that people or authors are trying their best to present the gospel or the deity of God in a way that people would understand. But sometimes this can be dangerous, if someone is not versed in the bible. Read the word of God and let the spirit lead you. It is a good book and I see what the author is trying to do. Just make sure that you pray about it and let the word of God and the spirit lead you during your reading. God bless all of you and I love ya, from Tanya

Monday, April 6, 2009

The Shack

I have been told by at least three people about this book. I try not to run out and get a book if someone suggest it. But this book has been brought up in at least three different conversations. One of the persons who told me about this book, was my dad. And when he told me, he was crying. So, on Sunday while at Kmart, I spotted the book and purchased it. I have not been able to put it down. I had to make myself put it down to do some chores. But, I think I will have to pick it up later after Jeff goes to work.

I will not tell you about the book, I am only on chapter three and it seems to be a very long chapter. But, I will tell you what my dad said and why this sparked some interest in me. My dad, who I have to admit, I am not sure I really know. As I am typing this, I could not tell you where his faith lies or the relationship he has with God. I can tell you that he is a soft spoken individual, who I know loves me a bunch. He loves my sister also, but that is a different kind of relationship. Dad told me that after he read the book, he realized that God gives us free will, and he will not get involved with us. God loves us and he created each one of us for the purpose of doing his will, but if we choose not to do that, God is not going to get involved or make us do His will. Dad said that he had such a different view of God after he read the book. It really openned his eyes and his relationships with others.

This is what I need. I know God does not leave me, but I think it is really easy for me to walk away from Him. I will have to tell you, right now the book is effecting the mother in me. It is really raising all kinds of fears, but I know that in the end I am going to be different than I was when I started the book. I believe this is going to be some journey. I still am going to finish "Bad Girls of the Bible", but right now I am on a detour. I will let you know more about that book, when I pick it up again. God bless all of you and have a awesome day. Love Tanya

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Our Teen Group

This evening I was blessed to be with ten kids who are just awesome. I do not know if they know Jesus as their savior, but it does not matter. These kids are just so great and I am so excited to get to know them. Our church, which is a home church, started a youth group tonight. The kids even gave their group an awesome name, they call themselves "Faith Flayers" I am not sure what it means, but they all liked it. It is better than the other name they wanted, which was Spit. I am not sure why they thought of that. Anyways, they really got into the singing and they had awesome questions. I hope to share more about them later. God is going to do awesome things for these kids. I just wanted to share that with you and ask that you would pray for strength and wisdom for the teachers and that you would pray for the kids to open their hearts for God's leading. I hope that you all have a wonderful day and I pray for you often. God bless you from Tanya.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Reality Check

The other night I was on my Facebook page and while I was there one of my High School friends Edie showed up and we spent time chating back and forth. She hates to type and I had her number so I called her. In high school, Edie was a punk rocker and she always dressed up in all of these funny clothes. But she was a great friend and we spent alot of time with each other and we also had some classes together. I never really knew specifics about her or her home life. So the other night as I was talking to my friend Edie I realized somethings about her and myself. She told me she was a christian and then recited several scriptures by memory. She also told me that she homeschooled her children. I was so marvaled and amazed. I had made a judgement on a friend from what I had known of her. I did not realize that people change and they are not who they once were. I started to think about others that I have recently contacted and wondered what their stories were? Had they changed?

And then I realized that I was a different person in High School then I even remembered. I remembered going to church with my parents, but I always thought I was one that ran from God. But recently I realized that only God got me through the high school years. I remember talking to him alot and pacing my bedroom crying out to Him. I remember really feeling guilty and asking for repentence alot. I have really loved the Lord more than I ever remember in High School. It just delights my heart to fall to Him and know that I love Him so, always.

So, my reality check is this, I should not judge a person by what I think they were. Do not judge at all. But, I should look at the person and let God show me their heart and love them no matter what. Also, I should not let guilt, shame and bad tapes in my heart make a decision on who I was in the past. Love myself and let that love flow through to other people.

It is an amazing journey with God, He is so awesome and I can not wait to see more. God bless all of you.