Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Kathy Troccoli Concert

 I have been volunteering for the Pregnancy Center for several years now and God is moving us in places that I have never dreamed of.  Last week the Center hosted Kathy Troccoli here in Red Oak, IA.  I am still amazed by this event and it really came on a day that God has been moving in me.  I think I cried through the whole concert.  I have known in my head through scripture the power of my God, but for the first time it jump to my heart and made me realize that He is powerful through all kinds of healing. Spiritual, testimonies, mental, physical and just plain belief. 

This is a picture of Pastor Ricky and Kathy,  Kathy sang her Baby Prayer song and Ricky gave his testimony about how his birth mother gave him up for adoption in 1973.  This was the same year that our government passed Roe vs. Wade.  But that his mother chose life for him. And then Kathy got up there and prayed like you have never heard a person pray.  The whole moment became a mini church moment and it was awesome.

This is a picture of Me, Kathy and Ricky.  Jeff and I have been
attending Ricky's church for about five months now, we love it and God just speak through him.  Of course we also love the fact that he teaches from the KJV bible and he stands on biblical truth.  Thank you God for finding this church for us.
And of course, besides God's hand in getting Kathy here, I can not thank the Pregnancy Center board members for making this happen, and here we are, Dionne Johnson, Pastor Ricky, Pastor Alan, Kathy of course and myself, Tanya Ross.  Not pictured is Pastor Caren Pederson.

If you are from Red Oak, IA or SW Iowa and you are reading this and you are facing an unwanted pregnancy, or back results of an abortion, whether you are a woman or man, please contact me at 712-621-7745, I would love to help you.  God bless