Monday, November 29, 2010

Letting Go

This year has been really pinnacle for me. Not only is my son graduating and heading out into the world. But God has me letting go of garbage that has been floating in my life for some time. I feel like some of those people on that show "Hoarders". I just sit back and let things pile up and I do not let them go or get rid of them. Sometimes I feel like I can not. But, God has been really clear about cleaning my heart, mind, soul and spirit along with my home. I think sometimes I get compliant with my life, I am really good about showing people there hang ups or helping others. But when it comes to my own life, I am null and void. So this year I am giving it back to God and starting to take on freedom. I hope you will come for the ride. First of all, I am a part of a new website called Sparks people. It is an online program to lose weight and other areas of life that need cleaning. It is an awesome website and I can not say enough of it. I encourage you to take a gander at it. Who knows, may change your life. Another thing I have started doing again is writing in my journal, I love to write. It gives me a direction and keeps me thinking, plus it helps with my thinking pattern and letting go of stuff. Of course, reading my bible and other material that will help in my spiritual journey. I have been drinking more water and watching what I eat. I think my weigh gain was due to my mental battle that goes on, I am going to try to keep plugging at this. I know I will lose weight. I am also going to take life one minute at a time if I have to. I do not want to rush life. It will come to it's end when it does, rushing to this and that will cause me to lose the moment. So, this is my journey so far, I will keep you updated as time marches on.

Love all of you and I think of you all often. I hope that you have a great week and I am praying for all of my blogging buddies. God bless ya, from Tanya

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Bible Studies

Hi all, I wanted to share some awesome bible studies that I stumbled on. We are in between studies right now and I thought I would start looking at some areas that need some most improved with God. I am finding that I needed some help with Self Control. So here are some sights for you, this one has been my favorite so far. So, go here , just print it out and go verse by verse. It has five sections and so far it has been really good. I did not look at self control in all of these areas. Here is another bible study that I found on Self Control, this one is four lessons, it will start on the fourth lesson when you open the page. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and you will see the other three lessons. The site is called hem of his garment. Looks awesome, I will probably go there next.

Here is some bible lessons on Grace, go here. Here is lessons on "How God Interacts with Us," go here. This is my last website, this one you can sign up to get weekly studies to your email. I joined this one and I will be getting studies starting tomorrow. I will let ya know how it goes, go here if you would like to sign up.

I am finding that it is so important to be in the word of God, even if it means you need some structure. I hope you find what you are looking for. God bless all of you. Love Tanya

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I have to just ramble for a bit. My heart has been so heavy and I have gone to God with it, but sometimes I need to see it in writing. Our son is going to graduate this coming May and I have placed him in God's hands. But these questions keep popping up in my brain and sometimes they are over whelming. Especially, when I see him making decisions on his future that really scare me. Some of the questions that I have burning in my head are: is he ready for the world, not just life skills or being able to pay bills, but is his soul ready. Will he run to God when things seem bleak or will he run to the world? Can he handle waiting until he is married, or will he let his friends sway him the other way? So much to think about, and of course there are so many other questions in my head. Okay, lets just face it, no matter how much I have lectured, talked, pleaded, cried out and even stayed silent, it is not my life and I am struggling with letting him go.

If he was closure to God, I think I could handle it, but I am struggle. I do not want to let him go and you know, I think I understand why God was so instant to have the Israelites clean out the promise land, he wanted to protect his children. He does love us so much and he does not want us to fall. So this is really hard to be in this position where God was with the Israelites, to watch them take on other gods and other paths that are not of him. He wants us to be there in the midst of Him and not let other distraction or gods get in the way. I see it. wow, I did not realize that my struggle was God's heart break for all of his children. Thank you God for not giving up on me and sending your son.

I realize that you have it God and I am going to trust you in all things. Amen

Monday, November 1, 2010

WHY by Nichole Nordeman

Looking on youtube tonight and I found this song by Nichole
Nordeman and I could not help myself. It is so beautiful and it
came from a child's view point. Really good.