Friday, July 30, 2010

Wow, it has been a while since I blogged. I did not realize that this summer was going to be so busy. We have been doing school and Melanie was in a play. I have been taking a class on Saturday mornings. Jeff has been working a lot more hours this summer then he did last summer and God has been protecting us. Luke is working at Pizza hut and he also have had more hours this summer. I have been working on losing weight, I have dropped 33lbs and I am going to keep going. I recently bought a book by Jillian Michaels and it is amazing. She goes into great detail on the metabolism and how if the hormones are out of whack the metabolism will not work. See, I do not think it is bitterness or even an addiction anymore for me. I believe God has cleaned out my house and I am free from addictions. But I was still struggling, so when this book arrived and I started reading, I realized that my food was killing me. I believe from the first time that I overate, I started to destroy my hormones. My hormones even control the center that wants food, cravings and needing foods that are not good for me.

I have given up diet sodas, the artificial sweeteners are helping to destroy my hormones and so many other bad things to my body. I am drinking all natural teas and more water. I even gave up milk and I am drinking Almond milk or Acidophiles milk. It has really helped with some of the craving. I am still having some cravings, but I have not totally gone on the program yet. I do feel better and I was able to get up the other day and put my walking dvd in and did three miles. I cried right at the third mile, "I made it".

I highly recommend this book and I am so glad that I stumbled upon it.