Sunday, June 24, 2012


This morning we went to church, a wonderful group of people from the Shenanndoah church "I do care" did an awesome worship service for us.  They started out blowing this rams horn and the music started and they past out banners.  Each banner color represented something in the bible. White is purity, yellow is joy, red is the shed blood, purple is His royality, turquois is the New Jerusalem etc.  They played tamborines and danced. 
It was the most awesome moment of my life! They made me see God and that worship is sacried.  After worship four ladies from the church each gave their testimony and again it made me realize the importance of sharing my story with people.  The "I do care" church helps widow, orpans and lost people, they are there to reach their community! It was so good to connect with people again. I hope your morning of worship was really good!

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