Sunday, September 11, 2011

Birthday Bash and learning

Well, yesterday Jeff and I took the kids to Council Bluffs to celebrate Melanie's birthday. It just blows my mind that my baby has turned 14. I just can not believe how fast time is going by. Any ways, we took her to Target, Walmart and Game Stop to shop, she had some money to spend. Then we ate at Sonic, oh their Malts are so good. Afterwards, we all walked across the parking lot to the Salvation Army Thrift Store. Just a wonderful day with my husband and kids. I love the time with them, it is going to be a short time and Luke will be off with his own life and soon his own family. It is amazing to me to see them grow up and move on, and yet a side of me is grateful that they are. It is weird sometimes being a parent. But in the years that I have been a parent, I would never change a thing about it. I have learned through my mistakes and learned something new everyday. I am still learning and soon I will have to learn how to be a parent to children that are married, I told ya, the learning never ends. I am learning right now how to let go of the control, it is time to let God take over. Every minute of the day is learning and letting go. Time marches on and we have to march with it. Tanya

Monday, September 5, 2011

Celebrating a new life

Well, this weekend the family and I took a trip to Des Moines to celebrate the coming of a new life. My Nephew Craig and his gal Alisha are expecting a baby within the next couple of weeks. How exciting to be waiting for the new arrival. It was an interesting day to say the least, it rained off and on all day and was very humid. But we made it and had a good time. There was plenty of food and cake, and after eating we watched the new parents open gifts.

Here is Craig, Alisha and Melanie walking in to the Shower.

Here is Craig and Alisha opening up presents, they are so cute and funny. I think Craig had more fun opening up gifts.

Alisha is suppose to be on bed rest, so she was pretty tired. She was a trooper and she did really good. She has such a wonderful smile and was really cheery. Craig is so funny, he always makes me laugh. He is a good guy. I can not help but think back to when Jeff and I were expecting Luke. The fear, the lack of knowledge, wondering if we were going to be good parents or not. It is really nice to be able to sit back and see new parents go through that and we are able to be there for them.

Here is Luke, Grandpa Ross, Grandma Ross, Brooke and Melanie. Boy all the kids have grown up so fast. Time goes so quickly.