Thursday, February 4, 2010

*Note: there was a misspelled word and it made the post look weird. I am writing Thank you notes to women who have let me pamper them through Mary Kay. Sorry.
I have been thinking about praising and Thanking God. When I was in basic training in the Army, every Sunday I would go to church and come back to the barracks and write countless letters to friends and family. I remember at the time asking for prayers to make it through and I would thank God everyday that I made it through another day of basic. I am now writing out Thank you notes to women who have given me a chance to pamper them. It is so cool to write out my feeling to them and let them know how much I appreciate them. I wonder to myself how often I do this to God.

How many times in a day do I thank God? I fall short sometimes in thanking God for every opportunity. For instance, how many times do I thank God for a green light, when in actually I should thank God for that red light. It gives me time to pray or look around me. Thank God for every breath that I take or thanking God for those diving appointments.

I have found things about myself lately that I am not sure I really like. I have been thanking my Lord for these revelations. In actuality I can not change on my own, I have to have God with me the whole way. Thank yous and praise are so important in my walk with God, I am thankful for breath and red lights. Most of all I am thankful that God shows me my downfalls. How could I ever change to be a better person if I did not listen to God.

In the end, I am not perfect and I do not want anyone to view me as such. I am a person who is walking this earth until the day I am face to face with my awesome savior. Until then, I am going to get to know Him and I am going to live my life to please only Him. I THANK YOU GOD for showing me all of your ways. Love Tanya